30 July 2009

I Have Confidence

Tomorrow (today) I have another interview! Last week it was with a domestic violence shelter, this one is with an immigration law firm. I've been doing my research, so I feel comfortable going in for the interview. Even if it is with one of the partners, not a human resources person.

I had to go shopping again for something a little more professional than what I wore to the other interview. I got two pairs of dress pants & I think I'm going to be wearing the gray ones. I'll be wearing the same white button-down shirt I wore last week. My black heeled boots from London will be put to good use & I'm going to accessorize with a necklace.

I also picked up some makeup to please my mom. I have terrible acne scarring, but I don't ever wear makeup. I need to find a real concealer, but for now I have ...

Neutrogena healthy skin blends translucent oil-control powder (clean 10)

Neutrogena nourishing eye quad (butter creme 110)

I tried them out so that tomorrow I don't muck anything up, & I really like them!

I might not have been able to find a suit, as was the intention, but I'm just going to act like I'm wearing one. And take a little note from Julie Andrews (aka Maria von Trapp).

I'll do better than my best
I have confidence they'll put me to the test
but I'll make them see I have confidence in me

1 comment:

  1. Partners are just people too. Just think... they're like me in about 8 years. ;)

    You're going to do great. <3