14 July 2009

Told You So

I never said I was going to be good at keeping up with this blog. In fact, I pretty much said the opposite.

Here are my reasons for my lack of blogging (I don't claim that they're good reasons haha):

I Tweet.
A lot.
Which you probably already know.

This is not a SVU & Bones blog, & that tends to be all I have to talk about. (Plus that's what Twitter is for.)

This is not a book or Harry Potter blog. I've been doing a lot of reading ... of Harry Potter. Somehow I'm only on Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, though.

I've become a texting whore & thus spend a lot of time with my thumbs on my BlackBerry. Which sadly does not have internet access. Because I'm poor.

I've been incredibly frustrated with my job search, which makes me cranky. Do you want to read cranky blog posts? Me neither.

I get really easily distracted by behind the scenes pictures of SVU now that they've started filming the new season. Not my fault*. Seriously.

So now I present you with the quick & dirty (oh, stop with snickers!) of things I could potentially have blogged:

I burned my finger while cooking. I am my mother's daughter & my nonna's granddaughter.

I chased a bunny down the street trying to get closer to it.

I was followed by a stray cat who was so cute & kept meowing at me.

The trip to NYC which will happen in the next couple of months.

Why I will always love my college.

Newest blog suggestion (because she actually updates hers & writes ridiculously well): Confessions of a Hollywood Addict

*Tell me how I'm supposed to overlook something like this. IMPOSSIBLE!
So ... um. How do you conclude a blog post about absolutely nothing?

Oh! Right. I am kind of trying to hold a contest. The prize is knowing I will be reading a book which has been deemed fantastic by your fabulous self. All you have to do is go here & tell me what book you think I should read. Hell, you can even Tweet it to me! I don't know about you, but I think the contest will be a lot more interesting if more than one person enters. It's harmless. It won't hurt. You can suggest as many books as you'd like, just make sure you use separate comments/Tweets so that I can number them individually. The cut off is at 4pm on Friday, 17 July. Get on it!

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  1. Even when you blog about nothing, it makes me giggle. And really, there's nothing else I can say ;)