25 July 2009

Blogathon Pic Post No. 2

Yesterday one of my friends & I went to Barnes & Noble for a while before seeing a movie. We were just browsing & I came across this ...
Now, I love Twilight. You might also love it, you might not get it, doesn't matter. Someone tell me why there is a need for so many Tween magazines with Twilight on the cover?!

And then there were two non-Tween magazines at the check-out counter with Robert Pattinson on the cover, one of him alone & one of him & Kristen Stewart.

I was just amused.


  1. I saw those at Barnes and Nobles yesterday.

  2. LOL,I guess they know their market.

    I love the Twilight books, but as a parent I have mixed feelings about. I don't think that Edward & Bella personify a healthy relationship. In fact they both seem obsessive and show signs of being stalkers. Still that didn't stop me from reading all four books, LOL.

  3. I agree that it's not a healthy relationship ... but that hasn't stopped me either. I guess I just don't have a healthy relationship with the books!