26 July 2009

What I Always Fear

I always have this (seemingly) irrational fear that I'm going to send a personal communication (be it a text, IM, direct message, e-mail, etc.) to the wrong person. I'm so paranoid that I tend to double check before sending things.

Well, it's happened. It was bound to happen eventually. And if it was going to happen, at least this is how it went down.

I sent a text to a friend about something while she was at work & didn't hear back from her. I didn't think much of it, went on living life. Tonight I got a text from this friend. Well, I got a text from a number. When my phone buzzed I assumed it was going to be one of two people. I checked my phone & low & behold, I put the first mentioned friend's number in my phone ONE DIGIT OFF! when I got my BlackBerry.

So, I sent a personal message to some stranger. At least it was a stranger as opposed to accidentally sending it to someone else in my address book!

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