25 July 2009

The Interview

I just want to remind you that I'm blogging for RAINN & you're more than welcome to sponsor me!

Yesterday I had an interview for a position as a shelter advocate for a domestic violence shelter. They usually have 6 women & their children in the shelter. The position which is open is only part-time & it's overnight, but it's something I would be very interested in doing. Plus it's the only thing I've had an interview for so far!

The interview went well. I don't have much experience with interviews, but it was by far the easiest for me to do. I even had questions when she asked if I had any, so that was great. She said it would be a few weeks before I hear anything though, because they just posted the job. The top two candidates will have a second interview with the director of the shelter.

So keep your fingers crossed that I hear back from them & that I get some more interviews!

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