26 July 2009

Projects around the house

We’ve been working to get the house on the market. My main project has been the grout of our slate floor downstairs. I’ve scrubbed the grout in both of the hallways & made a lot of progress using a whitening product on about 2/3 of the hallways. Now I have to finish whitening in the hall & then start the process over on the kitchen floor.

We also are working on the curb appeal of the house, so my mom & her boyfriend have taken out a bunch of terrible plants that were in the front & side yards. In the front, there’s now mulch. On the side, they’ve planted grass which now needs to be watered twice a day … that falls to me since I’m home.

Things are coming along & I think we’ll be able to put the house on the market at my mom’s expected date.

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