01 August 2009

Lots of ground to cover

I realized that there are so many things I want to blog about. It's a case of "so much to do, so little time." I'm sure at some point I'll get it all out there, but for now I just have to log away those ideas for the future. I doubt you want to read a post that goes in 5 million different directions!

Woops, that's what's going to happen in this one! You already started reading though & I'm already typing. It happens.

First off, thanks so much to those of you who gave me encouraging words before & after my interview! It's wonderful to have so much support. I really think it makes a difference in the way I carry myself, hearing & reading all of your kind words!

The interview went well. It was surprisingly casual & it was comfortable. It's a small firm & I would be exposed to a lot there, although it is specifically immigration law. I would be doing a bit of everything in the office. It's entry level with training. It's easily accessible, right on the bus line. I only met two people while I was there, but they both seem nice. It feels like a good fit to me & hopefully they'll think so as well!

I had a bit of a snafu with my outfit though. I always do my own laundry, but the shirt is white & I didn't have enough clothes for a light wash. I have no qualms about doing a mixed wash, but with a new shirt that's a huge no no! So I left my shirt with my mom's laundry so that she could throw it in the next time she did whites. She did & then I'm not sure if it was her or my brother who threw the load in the dryer, but whoever it was didn't check to see if everything could go in the dryer & MY TOP SHRANK IN THE DRYER.

I didn't realize this, of course, until I was getting dressed. I ran around trying to figure out what to do. The shirt still fits for the most part, just not in the bust. It looked stupid & there was no way I was going to interview in the shirt, even with a shell under it. Luckily I had another dress top I had picked up last week, so I wore that. I actually liked the outfit better with that top, so it was a win.

When I told my mom what happened, she said she would buy the top off of me if it fit her. Works for me. I'm so glad that I hadn't returned the other top!

In other news ... I'M GOING TO NEW YORK NEXT WEEK!!

I. am. so. freaking. excited.

I had been planning on going at some point this summer, but things have come together much quicker than expected! I had been thinking mid to late August, but when I got the interview & started thinking about how I might potentially (hopefully!) be working soon. Full time. During the week.

I'll get it right out there: I'm going to meet up with ("internet") friends & to try to see SVU filming. Given the latter part, I need to go during the week! So I just decided it needs to be next week. There's no way I'm going to pass up the opportunity to see them filming & *fingers crossed* meet Mariska & Chris.

So I booked myself on Bolt Bus & made a reservation at a hostel. I'll be in NYC Tuesday-Thursday! I'm really just beyond excited! I'm going to be meeting more people who I've been talking to for over a year. They're so much fun & I know we're going to have a blast!

There are a few of the things that I wanted to blog about! I'll keep you updated on the job hunt ... & of course the trip. :)

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