07 June 2009

A thousand words or more

For the past several months my mom has been working on the house. She wants to put it up for sale by the end of the month, so she’s been making changes to make it more desirable. First was the upstairs bathroom (which looks incredible!). Next was the kitchen, which just needs to be wallpapered now that we picked something out. The downstairs bathroom also has to be redone. Those are the major renovations; there are also minor things that need to be done.

Yesterday & today my mom & one of my aunts painted the living room. That one change has made a HUGE difference! Before there was gray primer up (don’t even get me started on how much I hated that) & now there’s a nice light beige up. It makes the room look so much bigger & makes the carpet stand out more. We have a kick ass carpet that I picked out, thankyouverymuch.

Now that the walls have been painted, we started talking about hanging things up. Tons of pictures were taken down to put up the paint & my mom wants to put things up so it doesn’t look bare, but she wants impersonal shots. No people, nothing recognizable. So she asked me to go through my pictures, see if I have any landscapes from Ireland or that sort of thing. I started going through everything & was hit hard with nostalgia.

After I graduated from high school, I went on my first vacation without my family. My best friend Jared & I went to Mexico. We flew into Mexico City for a night, & then went to Taxco, a silver mining city in the mountains. We stayed in Pie de la Cuesta for a night & enjoyed the beach a town away from Acapulco. Then we went back to Mexico City to explore the city & visit some pyramids. It was a wonderful vacation spent with great company.

The semester I spent in London, the two most beautiful places I visited were Greenwich & Notting Hill. Both the day I went to Greenwich & the day I

went to Notting Hill were gorgeous days. I did both by myself &

enjoyed taking in the scenery.

The first trip I made while I was abroad was to Barcelona for a weekend with a friend. We tried to pack a lot into the trip & it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to be somewhere in February with warm weather! One of my favorite places was the old catedral which was right across from the hostel we stayed in.

One of my absolute favorite parts of that semester was going to Ireland for a week with my friend Elizabeth. It was the best vacation & being in Ireland for Easter was just amazing. Despite the debacle that it wound up being (very short version: Paddywagon sucks & will strand you in Limerick if you’re a minute late getting back to the bus, even when they know you haven’t got back on … because you refused to flirt with the tour guide) the tour we did of the Cliffs of Moher & other seaside towns, like Burren, was stunning.

I wound up with some money in my pocket toward the end of my stay, so I decided to go ahead & make the best of it. One of the things I did was a day trip to Wales. Once again I had gorgeous weather, including a gorgeous blue sky as the perfect backdrop.

I thought since I took an unexpected trip down memory lane, I would share some of my favorite shots from these trips. I don’t have a very good camera – it’s extremely difficult & decides it doesn’t want to take pictures sometimes – but I realized that I have got some great shots with it. Crappy camera, I don’t hate you quite as much now. Don’t get all cocky though, I’m still hoping you get replaced in a few weeks when my birthday comes.

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  1. Those are such incredible photos Kimmy-- What awesome opportunities you got! You are so lucky! The memories that you'll have and the stories! That is SO cool!