23 June 2009

The One Where Kimmy Doesn't Have an Explanation

When I don't have any time obligations like school or work (soon, fingers crossed) I tend to be semi-nocturnal. I'm not sure what the draw is, I just prefer to stay up until 4am & then wake up in the afternoon. It's been like that since I was old enough to set my own bedtimes.
So the other day when I was still up at 5am & noticed it was getting light out, I decided I would watch the sun rise & take pictures. I threw on my clogs & went out into the yard.
After the sun rose, I took some pictures in the yard. The birds were chirping & when I looked at the neighbor's fence there was a blue jay perched there.
Now, I need to preface this with a little story. My dad went by Jay since there are always multiple Josephs in my family. His nickname was Jay Bird, so we've always associated blue jays with him. For me, this has increased since he passed away. Whenever I see one, I always smile & think of my dad. Kind of like it's a way to let me know he's looking down on me or something like that.
So, I see this blue jay perched on the fence & think it's appropriate since it's Father's Day weekend. Since I had my camera I snapped a picture of the bird. I watched the blue jay until it flew into the neighbor's yard where I could no longer see it. After waiting a couple minutes to see if it would come back, I moved on to take some more pictures before heading back inside.
I loaded the pictures onto my computer so I could look through them before going to bed. When I got to the blue jay one I stopped, mouth wide open.
(You'll probably have to click the picture to open the full size image ... it's hard to see what I'm talking about otherwise.)
There was only ONE blue jay outside. So how are there TWO in the picture?!
I spent half an hour looking at the picture. I took a screen shot just in case ... well, just in case I don't know what. But when I looked again after waking up there were still two blue jays in the picture. I checked to see if maybe somehow the camera had played some sort of trick, but it's not like it's a mirror image of the blue jay that I actually saw (which, by the way, is the one on the left).
I have no way to explain this photo. I don't know if there IS some digital camera explanation for this or what. For now, I'm filing this away with another story of a weird coincidence.
One day my mom & I were driving to the store where we passed the mini golf course which has a billboard. They post messages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. The board read, "Congratulations Joe and Kim." I thought this was funny because my brother's name is Joe, so I pointed it out to my mom. She said, "I know. When I pointed it out to your brother he said, 'Well, how else is Dad gonna say it?'" I started to tear up & my mom said she had the same reaction. I can't remember when this was, but some sort of accomplishment had just happened for both of us.
So, there you have it. Sometimes unexplanable things happen, sometimes there are weird coincidences. And soemtimes that's jsut the kind of reminder you need.

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