01 June 2009

This isn't my first time ...

I'm notoriously bad at blogging. During middle & high school I had various short-lived affairs with online journals. Things would start off hot & heavy, but then they'd fizzle out. Last year when I spent a semester in London, I kept a blog to update my family and friends. Easier said than done! C'mon, I was gallivanting around a new country, more than enough of an excuse.

However, I love writing. I'm hoping that plus my new found free time (they don't tell you a job isn't guaranteed once you have that college degree) will make things different this time around. I have a bit more motivation now that I'm regularly reading other blogs. I'm not ashamed to say that I love mommy blogs, even though I get weird looks from some of my friends when I say so. They're endearing, hilarious, and well-written.

Also, I'm addicted to Twitter*. It's fun, but I can get wordy and those 140 characters just aren't enough sometimes!

I guess I should include a little info on myself, other than my terrible blogging past ...

My name is Kimmy. I'm 21 (22 on the 26th) & I just graduated from college. I majored in sociology, minored in international relations. I'm currently unemployed & looking for a job, preferably in the human rights or social services field. I've been volunteering with Amnesty International for 7 or so years & I'm a rape crisis counselor. I have an intense relationship with TV, especially Bones & SVU. I'm a book worm & have the baby pictures to prove that I always have been.

I don't know where this blog is going to go, but I'm interested to see and maybe you are too.

*You can find me on Twitter @Kimmy6313


  1. Sure, give me another blog to read. :-P JK, <3 you, and can't wait to read what you come up with.

  2. Hey girlie! Welcome to blogging! (again, HAH!)


  3. Nice title selection. I've used all kinds of obnoxiously kooky blog titles. I think my blog was called, "Silver Stars, Lavender Sky" at one point. Was it hard not to be able to look at myself in the mirror? Oh yeah. The shame, it finally got to me, and I retitled.

    P.S. Grr, but you won't let me comment with my URL.