01 December 2009

Can't Get You Out of my Mind

You know how sometimes something or someone is on your mind & you can't seem to think of anything else? How you keep being reminded of that thing or person everywhere you turn?

That's me right now.

I can't get this person out of my mind. I'm reminded of him by a card I see in a store, a story line on a show I'm watching ... or, you now, him e-mailing me out of the blue. He seems to always do that when I can't get him off my mind. It's like he knows.

And then, as if all the reminders haven't been enough, I just realized that my favorite song of the moment has yet another reminder of him. Not in the usual, this song makes me think of so-and-so type of way ... but a phrase in the lyrics actually reminds me of him because it has a personal meaning to him.

It's kind of ridiculous, but what can I do about it?

So, does this happen to any of you? Just reminder after reminder after reminder?

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